October 2021

Researchers of the Institute of Food Technology have received three awards in the Food Science Society competition.

Dr. Shakir Arafat, Director of the Food Technology Institute of the Agricultural Research Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, announced that three researchers from the Institute had received awards from the Food Science Society.

This competition highlights the important role of applied scientific research and links it to biological industrialization by stimulating and encouraging researchers and maximizing the use of their research output.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abu khashba was awarded the First Prize for Best Doctoral Message. The letter was entitled "Methods of Extraction, Impact on Output, Quality and Protection of Certain Vegetable Oils Using Capsule Technology."

While Dr. Osama Mohamed Mbruk received the Second Center Award for Best Doctoral Message, entitled "Developing active edible wrappers from natural sources to prolong the validity of some fresh processed fruit."

Finally, Mr. Tamer Sha'aban, Assistant Researcher at the Institute, was awarded the Best Masters Thesis Award, which was entitled "Studies on Skinny Milk."

In this context, the Director of the Institute, Dr. Shakir Arafat, congratulated the researchers and stressed the importance of the role of applied research products and of maximizing their use in the development of the agricultural manufacturing sector in order to ensure safe and nutritious food for all, as well as the importance of linking scientific research to industry, which has a direct positive impact on consumers.