November 2021

The Minister of Agriculture is working with the Beehive Federation on how to advance the honey industry.

 H.E Mr. Alquser , Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, held a meeting with some members of the Beehive and Bee Producers Union in the presence of Major General Mohamed Zallot, Governor of the New Valley, and discussed with them how to improve the honey industry and solve beehive problems.

He stressed the State's interest in promoting the honey industry in all its components, in order to maintain Egypt's leadership in the production of honey, while facilitating procedures for bearings projects, providing them with the necessary funding and removing obstacles in order to encourage investors, as well as young people, to set up small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of bearings. For his part, General Mohamed Zallot, Governor of the New Valley, reviewed the Valley's potential for growing the medicinal and aromatic plants needed for beekeeping, as well as the facilities and incentive package offered by the State to investors in the New Valley to accelerate development there.