February 2022

The Plant Disease Research Institute organizes a training programme entitled Seed Borne Diseases - Detection, Diagnosis and Control

From 06 February 2022 10:00 - To 10 February 2022 14:00
Category : Trainings

Under the guidance of Mr. Al-quserr, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Suleiman, Head of the Agricultural Research Centre.

Dr. Ashraf Khalil, Director of the Plant Pathology Research Institute, stated that the Institute is carrying out a training programme entitled: "Seed-borne diseases. Detection, diagnosis and control."

The programme addresses the following topics:

Internationally adopted methods for examining certain types of seeds - the importance of modern techniques for detecting pathogens transmitted through seeds - The importance of seed diseases and quarantine. - Mechanics of the transmission of various pathogens by seeds - control of factors affecting the storage of seeds Methods of resistance to seed-borne pathogens - endophytes (importance and uses)

The programme also includes practical training on the following subjects:

Dry Seed Screening - Dry Seed Washing Water Screening - Post-Diagnostic Seed Screening - Badger Disease Screening.

The programme aims to train 40 trainees from young researchers in various research centres and institutes, as well as college students and recent graduates from agricultural colleges in various universities in Egypt and a number of agricultural engineers from some private companies. He also emphasized the obligation of all trainees to follow the precautionary procedures for the prevention of the new corona virus.