December 2021

Palm Plant Farming is organizing a field day to combat palm sousse in Bahariya oases.

From 01 December 2021 09:00 - To 01 December 2021 15:00
Category : Conference

At the direction of Mr. Al Quser, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation & Under the auspices of Dr. Mohamed Suleiman, Head of the Agricultural Research Centre
Dr. Izz al-Din Jadallah, Director of the Central Laboratory for the Research and Development of Balm Palms, confirmed that the central research laboratory , in collaboration with Agricultural Administration, organized a field day to illustrate the most important farming practices conducted on the palms during that period and how to properly treat red palm sousse .
Rajab also described the importance of combating red palm sousse in proper ways to ensure the access of the pesticide to the insect and its elimination through the use of some modern control devices.
The importance of screening, detection and trimming during this period was stressed to suit the lack of activity of insect flight during this period