December 2021

Central Pesticide Residue and FAO are organizing a workshop on enhancing food safety requirements.

From 04 December 2021 09:00 - To 04 December 2021 15:00
Category : Workshop

A workshop entitled "Enhancing food safety requirements in agricultural value chains" was organized by the Central Food Residual and Heavy Component Analysis Laboratory of the Agricultural Research Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, in collaboration with FAO.
The workshop aimed at discussing five important export crops, namely, salts, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, medicinal plants and aromatics. FAO experts discussed several important areas of export crop production, circulation and export. (Integrated pest and pest management - Pesticide Residual Maximum Standards - Pest and Pesticide Disease Management and Pesticide Management Methods - International Best Practices in Pollution Management and Preventive Principles for Controlling Microbial Hazards during Food Supply Chains).
In opening the workshop, Dr. Hind Abdellah, Director of the Factory, said that this cooperation was taking place in the light of the interest of the Laboratory in cooperating with all actors and organizations working in the area of food safety to produce safe food locally and to support production for agricultural exports.
She noted that some misconceptions must be corrected and the concepts of integrated agricultural pest management programmes and safe use of pesticides deepened through the continuation of such workshops. The laboratory under the umbrella of the Agricultural Research Centre looked forward to further cooperation with various international organizations in general and FAO in particular, given its experience and high history of supporting the Egyptian agricultural sector and helping to spread awareness of different concepts of product safety and quality.
Some experts attended the workshop and discussions at the remaining pesticide plant.