August 2021

cooperation protocol between the Central Pesticide Residue and the the Food Industries to serve exporters of the food industry sector in Egypt.

Dr. Hind Abdallah, Director of the Central Laboratory for the Analysis of MIBDs and Heavy Elements in Food, and Mei Khairy, Executive Director of the Export Council for the Food Industries, signed up to serve exporters of the food industry in Egypt.

The Director of the laboratory said that this was in implementation of the directives and mandates of Mr. Alquser, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and Dr. Mohamed Suleiman, Head of the Agricultural Research Centre, to expand the services provided by the laboratory to serve the largest sector of clients, to emphasize the quality of food exported in parallel with what is produced for the local market.

Abdelallah explained that the Protocol was aimed at providing various laboratory services, such as training, analytical services, technical consultations and cooperation in other areas, such as market research, joint research projects, conferences, workshops and symposia in cooperation between the parties for the benefit of the members of the Council.

The Director of the laboratory noted that the plant was striving to provide services to all the different sectors and to the food industry in particular at the highest quality and least cost, thus contributing to the development of small entities in the sector.

The Executive Director of the Export Food Industries Board, Mai Khairy, stressed that the Protocol was a continuation of the cooperation between the two parties since 2010. In view of the increased demand by Council members for the services of the laboratory, the Protocol had been signed, comprising a variety of services aimed at providing more services to Council members.