April 2021

"Agriculture" is celebrating Mother's Day in the Orman Park on the sidelines of the Spring Flowers Exhibition .. Various artistic paragraphs, and only two pounds are the price of the park entry ticket instead of 5 pounds.

The Orman Botanical Garden in Giza will organize a celebration next Sunday, on the occasion of celebrating Mother's Day, on the sidelines of the Spring Flowers Exhibition, in coordination between the media corner and a number of exhibiting companies.

The park opens its doors to the mothers of Egypt, to celebrate this occasion, on this day, at a reduced price for the entry ticket, which is only two pounds instead of 5 pounds.The celebration organized by the media corner, represented by the audio and visual information center and the ministry’s media office, in cooperation with the agricultural extension sector, includes various technical paragraphs, from 2 pm to 5 pm, as well as the distribution of in-kind prizes by the public drawing and lottery system, at the end of the ceremony, presented by The production sector at the Ministry of Agriculture, and a number of companies exhibiting at the exhibition, which offer a bouquet of roses, flowers and valuable ornamental plants.