April 2021

Minister of Agriculture Preventing encroachment on agricultural lands, activating contract farming, and speeding up the system for modernizing irrigation and collecting dairy and farmer cards

Al-Qusayr, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, held a video conference with the directors of the directorates of agriculture directorates in the governorates
During the meeting, Al-Qusayr asserted that there is absolutely no tolerance in the encroachment on agricultural lands and stressed the need to raise the level of maximum readiness to confront any attempts to deform or build during the scheduled leave until next Monday.
The Minister of Agriculture emphasized the activation of contract farming and the need to expand the cultivation of soybean and sunflower crops, especially as prices are remunerative to farmers.
Al-Qusayr directed the completion of the Al-Falah card system, coordination between the directorates of Agriculture and the Agricultural Bank, and the speedy delivery of the card to farmers, which comes within the framework of transparency and the state's plan for digital transformation, reaching support for those who deserve it, and controlling the fertilizer distribution system.
The meeting of the Minister of Agriculture with the directors of the directorates of agriculture also discussed the mechanisms of implementing the modern irrigation system and confirmed that it is a necessity, not a luxury, pointing to its importance for farmers as it contributes to maximizing the productivity of the units of land and water, reducing the costs of production requirements and rationalizing water
Al-Qusayr called for restoring the role of cooperatives and activating them to serve farmers and stressed the limitation of untapped agricultural assets within the scope of each directorate to achieve the maximum possible benefit from them. He also directed cooperation with the parties participating in the initiative of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, "A decent life" to develop Egyptian villages, where the state aims to spend 500 billion pounds. Within the framework of the initiative, integrated agricultural service centers will be established in villages, including agricultural and veterinary units, dairy collection centers, and branches of the Agricultural Bank
The Minister of Agriculture also stressed the commitment to the area specified for the cultivation of rice this year and not to exceed it, as well as commitment to the conditions for planting bananas to rationalize water, as part of the state's plan to benefit from its limited water resources
Al-Qusayr addressed the ministry’s efforts in the draft dairy collection centers and stressed the need to complete the development of 205 centers by the end of next June in cooperation with the Ministry of Military Production and the Agricultural Bank.
The meeting was attended by Eng. Mustafa Al-Sayyad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fisheries and Poultry, Dr. Muhammad Suleiman, Head of the Agricultural Research Center, Dr. Abbas El-Shenawy, Head of the Services and Follow-up Sector, Dr. Alaa Azouz, Head of the Agricultural Extension Sector, and Saeed Saleh, Adviser to the Minister of Agriculture for follow-up.