December 2021

The Minister of Agriculture, together with his Hungarian counterpart, is exploring the prospects for agricultural cooperation and signing a joint cooperation protocol in the area of fisheries and fish farming.

As part of his current visit to the State of Hungary, Mr. SAYED EL quser  the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation met with Dr  Ashtevan Nagy, the Minister of Agriculture of the State of Hungary, with whom he discussed the prospects for agricultural cooperation between the two countries in the production of livestock, dengue and fish, the production of vaccines and veterinary vaccines, and the production of vegetables.

He also stressed the depth of relations between Egypt and Hungary and referred to the guidance of His Excellency President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, President of the Republic, to increase cooperation between the two countries in all areas, particularly agriculture.

The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture could adopt an Egyptian-Hungarian initiative to try to adapt to climate change at the upcoming Cop27 meeting in Cairo.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture of Egypt pointed out the importance of cooperation with Egypt in all agricultural activities. Hungary could request the countries of the Group of Vichy Grad v4 to invite Egypt to attend the meeting of the States of the Community next spring.

Egyptian and Hungarian Ministers of Agriculture Signed a joint cooperation protocol to promote cooperation in fisheries and fish farming.

Recognizing the importance of promoting and maintaining freshwater and fish farming and facilitating the optimal use of sustainable biological security, the Short said, through the development of fisheries and fish farming.

The Minister of Agriculture explained that the areas of cooperation covered by the Convention included the exchange of technical and scientific information on fisheries and fish farming, which included: Integrated and intensive fish farming, sustainable freshwater management and natural surface water control, as well as freshwater breeding technology, and meal feeding technology

The note included the exchange of technical and scientific information, in the adoption of specialized fish health, fish product quality and tracking laboratories, and the vital safety of the entire fisheries sector, especially fish plantations and pistols, as well as training, capacity-building, exchange of experiences in freshwater breeding, fish farming technology, diagnosis of diseases, methods of prevention, marketing and export, marketing of fish, development of fish markets and application of methods of treatment.

The Egyptian minister explained that it had been agreed that a joint committee would be established on both sides to follow up the implementation of the Convention, prepare cooperation projects and follow up its implementation, as well as facilitate all actions relating to fishing activities, subsequent investment studies, research, transfer of technology, knowledge and training courses covered by the memorandum of understanding, and to monitor and evaluate the results of cooperation in fisheries, fish farming and related manufacturing activities.

They also agreed to host Cairo for the first meetings of the joint technical committee between the two countries.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohamed Suleiman, head of the Agricultural Research Centre, and Ambassador Mohamed El Shenawy, Ambassador of Egypt to Hungary.

Dr. Saad Musa, head of External Agricultural Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, members of the Egyptian Embassy in Hungary and leaders of the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture