November 2021

Agriculture follows the fertilizer system and facilitates its distribution to farmers in Giza province.

Under the guidance of H.E  Mr. Al-quser, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, to monitor the distribution of fertilizers and upgrade the efficiency of assets in the various governorates of the Ministry of Agriculture under the initiative of President Abdulfattah Al-Sisi to upgrade the efficiency of assets. Consultant Saeed Saleh, Adviser to the Minister of Agriculture for Follow-up, Dr. Hassan Fauli, Executive Director of the General Authority for Agrarian Reform, Engineer Asad Munadi, Director of Directors of Agricultural Reform and Director of Agricultural Reform in Giza, met with directors of Agrarian Reform Zones and Directors of Agricultural Departments in Gto monitor the distribution and circulation of fertilizer in various associations.

The Minister of Agriculture's Adviser for Follow-up and Asset Upgrading of the Ministry stressed the need for a great deal of flexibility in the disbursement of fertilizers to farmers with smart card and paper card for agricultural tenure, the ongoing opening of fertilizer stores to farmers and the announcement of the availability of fertilizer in warehouses, which was linked to the application of the principles of transparency in the management of the fertilizer system as directed by the Minister of Agriculture. Saleh emphasized that continuous and abrupt traffic and follow-up will be pursued in all districts and fertilizer stores in accordance with the relevant directives of the Minister of Agriculture, within the framework of the role of the Ministry of Agriculture in providing fertilizer inputs in accordance with the distribution rules established by the State to solve the problems of fertilizer distribution, and noted that the Ministry aimed to achieve transparency in distribution to serve farmers and to achieve some flexibility in the discharge of fertilizers. During the meeting, Dr. Hassan Al-Fouli, Director of the Agrarian Reform Authority, discussed the directors of the Giza Agrarian Reform Areas in all their targets and the numbers required for the success of their work, stressing the immediate removal of all encroachment on agricultural land in the bud.

The "Vole" pointed out that the directors of agrarian reform had been alerted to the preservation of all legal measures against the violator, and that all information on the violator and the violator was available and fully characterized, in accordance with decisions and laws to protect agricultural wealth.  & Optimize the utilization of assets belonging to the Authority and the Ministry and provide flexibility in dealing with beneficiaries and collecting their debts.