February 2022

The 89 Spring Flowers Fair in mid-February at the Orman Garden

From 15 February 2022 10:00 - To 25 March 2022 20:00
Category : exhibition

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Mr. Al-quser, agreed to hold the Spring Flower Fair at its eighty-ninth session, in mid-February, until the end of March at the Urman Botanical Garden in Giza.

Dr. Alaa Azoz, head of the agricultural extension sector, said that the Minister of Agriculture had stressed that all precautionary measures should be taken to protect exhibitors, visitors and workers from the corona virus, provide temperature measurements, not allow visitors to enter without muzzles, as well as provide disinfectants, continuously clean and sterilize the wings of the fair and apply social exclusion.

Azuz added that he would be taking place in the margins of the exhibition "Second Session of the Cairo Tiger Festival."

The Head of the Agricultural Extension Sector referred to the establishment of an organizing committee for the exhibition, which would include ministry specialists and representatives of exhibitors. The committee would prepare the outline of the exhibition and resolve immediately any problems faced by exhibitors.

and coordination with all relevant actors to provide relief to visitors.