November 2021

 The Animal Reproductive Institute organizes six free veterinary caravans for villages affected by torrents in Aswan.

From 27 November 2021 09:00 - To 02 December 2021 15:00
Category : Medical convoys

He responded to the Presidential Initiative to Mitigate the Effects of the Rains on Our People in Qree Aswan and to the instructions of H.E Mr. Al-Quser, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.
Dr. Mohamed Hijazi, Acting Director of the Institute of Animal Reproduction, said that the Institute, with the participation of the Institute of Animal Health and its veterinary directors, Baswan, had organized six veterinary caravans for the village of Karim in Aswan Prefecture. The caravan lasted 6 days from 27 November to 2 December.
On Saturday and Sunday, a total of 1276 animals were examined in the villages. Free treatment was provided against internal and external parasites, detection, internal treatment and inflammation. Free immunization of non-sovereign fortifications has been provided, animals have been screened for popcorn, reproductive and ultrasound tests, surgeries have been performed, and numbers of vanguards used to ins the two villages have been examined and artificial ins services provided. The caravan has met with great acceptance by the population and thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture for the services provided. It also found considerable cooperation from doctors in the Department of Veterinary Medicine.
Hijazi added that the convoy was continuing to visit the rest of the village and provide them with free services.