December 2021

Egyptian Quarantine participates in Food Africa 2021. at its sixth session in Cairo

Food Africa is one of the largest international trade fairs specializing in food and agricultural industries on the African continent. The exhibition offers an important opportunity to explore and enter the great Egyptian market and the thriving agricultural industry on the African continent through its innovative way of presenting products, establishing relationships with industry actors at the local, regional and international levels and reconciling institutions. The exhibition is an unparalleled gateway that gives companies access to the large agricultural sector in Egypt and Africa. In this context, and in the light of H.E  Mr. Al-qusers guidance, the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation has opened up new markets for Egyptian agricultural products to support the national economy and the foreign monetary reserve.

The Egyptian Quarantine D. Ahmed Attar announced the participation of the quarantine as a key partner in the agricultural export and import system, the main gateway to new market access and the safety valve for agricultural imports.

Several major meetings are held on the margins of the exhibition, including technical meetings between the Egyptian Quarantine, representatives of the Russian side, the guest of honour of the exhibition this year and representatives of the Egyptian Trade Representative in Moscow.