December 2021

H.E MR . ALquser and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia are looking at agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

 H.E MALR minister received Sergey Levin, deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia for International Relations and his accompanying delegation, to discuss ways of agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

The Minister of Agriculture, during an extensive meeting held in the Office of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Agriculture, confirmed that Egypt and Russia have historical and isolated relations and that there has been constant joint cooperation throughout history in all areas.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways to increase trade between the two countries in agricultural goods and products, in particular livestock and potatoes. The importance of the speedy conclusion of the special procedures for the signing of the memorandum of understanding in the area of quarantine, to be studied by both sides, which would enhance trade between the two countries and increase trade in agricultural goods and crops between them, was emphasized.

For its part,  H.E MR. AL quser stressed that joint cooperation could also include the field of veterinary vaccines, through the Institute for Research on Vaccines and Veterinary Vaccines at the Centre for Agricultural Research and the Russian Institute for Animal Protection, so that an integrated programme of cooperation could be developed between the two institutions working in the same field, building on Russian experience and supporting the manufacture of vaccines and vaccines in Egypt with high and advanced technologies, thereby increasing Egyptian production.

Areas of cooperation also discussed during the meeting included the exchange of experiences in agricultural research, the quality and safety of food, risk analysis assessment and the production of seeds, as well as the exchange of experiences in the areas of fish farming and livestock production, as well as the dog industry.

The two sides also agreed to identify two contact points from the two countries in order to overcome obstacles, activate areas of cooperation between the two sides, remove any obstacles and expedite implementation processes so that they would be the Russian Agricultural Adviser and the Supervisor of External Agricultural Relations from Egypt.

The meeting was attended by the Egyptian side: Engineer Mustafa Al-Sayyad Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry

Dr. Mohamed Suleiman, Chairman of the Agricultural Research Centre, Dr. Abdulhakim Mahmoud, Chairman of the General Veterinary Services Authority, Dr. Saad Musa, Supervisor of foreign  Agricultural Relations, Dr. Ahmed Attar, Head of the Central Quarantine Department, and Dr. Shaker Arafat, Director of the Food Technology Research Institute.