December 2021

The Minister of Agriculture checking Tushki development projects and visits automated research , agriculture stations, veterinary quarries, ,and wheat, palm and mango farms.

Under the guidance of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic, to pursue work on all projects In all governorates , Mr. Alquser, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

Mr. Muhammad Al-Shahat, Executive Director of the Agricultural Reconstruction and Development Authority, visited the Tushki region to follow up all agricultural projects there.

The new Desert Research Station building was opened to determine their ability to provide adequate technical and technical support to investors, farmers and rehabilitation companies. He called for attention to the training and rehabilitation of farmers and the need to apply the results of successful applied studies and research to farmers and companies.

He also pointed out the need to take advantage of the potential of the soil and water plants at the research stations in taxonomic studies and to supplement the laboratory equipment and provide it with trained human personnel.

The Minister of Agriculture also inspected wheat and palm crops and some mangoes and animal production activities with the Toushki Project. He called for the deployment of high-production and special varieties of wheat and maize crops. He stressed the need to establish compost production units for farmers and companies to benefit from agricultural waste.

He also directed the provision of technical publications from his and other handmaids, pesticides and crops spread in Tushki.


"H.E MR ALquser" listening to entrepreneurs and farmers &He thanked them and paid tribute to their efforts.

He also directed their training, rehabilitation and physical motivation, emphasizing the importance of the human component as one of the most important components of sustainable agricultural development.

It was essential to preserve the resources and capacities of States and to ensure their optimal use in order to achieve the highest economic return. The Egyptian State bore billions of pounds in order to establish and implement agricultural projects with a view to establishing and implementing major rehabilitation projects such as Tushki, Alawinat, New Delta and Sinai.

During the meeting with the management of the High Dam Lake Development Branch, H.E Minister emphasized the need to operate the fisheries as one of the most important resources of the State in order to provide the farm, with the aim of maximizing the resources of the Authority in a manner commensurate with its potential. He also stressed the need to measure the rates of return by what should be compared with previous years.

The Minister of Agriculture, during his tour of the Toshki area, inspected the veterinary stone and auto-butcher and stressed the need for careful follow-up and care, starting with the selection, transportation, feeding and medical care of the animal before its slaughter.

Short also inspected the activities of the National Land Reclamation Company and was accompanied by General Tawfik Sami, Chairman of a Board managed by the company.

The tour was attended by Minister of Agriculture Dr. Ahmed Shaban, Deputy Governor of Aswan, Chairman of Medina Abu Semple, Dr. Adel Al-Ashqar, Head of the Automated Agriculture Sector, Dr. Ahmed Abdalahid, Assistant Chairman of the Agricultural Reconstruction and Development Authority, Project Directors of Agricultural and some of the Ministry of Agriculture.