December 2021

The Minister of Agriculture makes a surprise visit to some sectors of the Ministry to follow the work and directs the good treatment of the public.

 H.E Mr. Alquser, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, made a surprise visit  today to the General Authority for Agrarian Reform and the General Veterinary Services Authority, land reclamation sector  and Central Department of Agriculture Directorates

To monitor the progress of work in these various sectors and departments and to ensure that all workers are committed to preventive measures for the prevention of the corona virus as well as citizens working with the Ministry and that care is taken to receive the HIV vaccine.

MR ALquser instructing discipline in performance, activation of oversight and governance mechanisms, separation of competencies and proper utilization of human resources, as well as control of the circulation of documents to ensure that they are not abused

He also directed to treat the public well, not to disrupt their interests, to activate the use of single nets as a prelude to digitization, as well as to apply hygiene in all the Ministry's institutions.

MR ALquser stressed the continuation of these tours of all bodies and the accountability of the underprivileged in their work.