December 2022

Sustainable Management of Kharga Oasis Agro-Ecosystems in the Egyptian Western Desert

Category : local

Strategic Objective/Organizational Outcome:

SO2:Increase and improve provision of goods and services from agriculture, forestry and fisheries in a sustainable manner:

Innovative practices & technologies piloted, tested or scaled up by producers to sustainably increase productivity, address climate change and environmental degradation; and

Policies, strategies and investment programmes formulated in support to sustainable agriculture, forestry and fishery, and address climate change and environmental degradation.


Main Activities:

The 3 interlinked technical components of the project are:


  • Strengthened institutional, management and technical capacities of key stakeholder groups at the Governorate level in order to support the mainstreaming of sustainable management of land, water and agro-biodiversity into development investments (Indicators: Participants of workshops and other learning activities apply newly acquired technical and functional knowledge systematically; DRC provides more targeted support to farmer communities in oasis agro-ecosystems on SLWM and agro-biodiversity);