February 2022

The 89 Spring Flowers Fair in mid-February at the Orman Garden

Azuz added that he would be taking place in the margins of the exhibition "Second Session of the Cairo Tiger Festival."

February 2022

The Plant Disease Research Institute organizes a training programme entitled Seed Borne Diseases - Detection, Diagnosis and Control

Dry Seed Screening - Dry Seed Washing Water Screening - Post-Diagnostic Seed Screening - Badger Disease Screening.

December 2021

The Land and Water Institute organizes a workshop on the impact of seawater diversion on land degradation in the north of the delta

in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

December 2021

MALR organizes a free veterinary caravan in the Lake Governorate under the Presidential Initiative for a Decent Life

Fadel added that, on the sidelines of the caravan, a demonstration club was made for small breeders, farmers and agricultural engineers on the use and recycling of agricultural waste to make animal feed.

December 2021

MoALR organizes a training programme for young researchers on procedures to ensure that potatoes are free from viral diseases

The Director of the Institute explained that the training course also included how to prevent viruses in the production stages of atoms

December 2021

Central Pesticide Residue and FAO are organizing a workshop on enhancing food safety requirements.

The workshop aimed at discussing five important export crops, namely, salts, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, medicinal plants and aromatics

December 2021

Azouz is opening a regional training workshop on the evaluation of the system's living services.

Azouz noted the importance of this workshop, which aims to provide forest and rangeland officers and natural resource management

December 2021

Palm Plant Farming is organizing a field day to combat palm sousse in Bahariya oases.

Rajab also described the importance of combating red palm sousse in proper ways to ensure the access of the pesticide to the insect and its elimination through the use of some modern control devices

December 2021

Agriculture: The Palm Lab is organizing a field day for one and a half million acres in El Magrah.

he passage of the rest of the palm plantations in the region, which suffer from palm pests, especially the red palm pest

November 2021

 The Animal Reproductive Institute organizes six free veterinary caravans for villages affected by torrents in Aswan.

On Saturday and Sunday, a total of 1276 animals were examined in the villages. Free treatment was provided against internal and external parasites, detection, internal treatment and inflammation.